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Doulton Fluoride 9B04 Reduction Cartridge (Pre Filter) Water Treatment Cartridge


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      Reduce unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride in your mains supply drinking water by using the Doulton Fluoride reduction cartridge.

        New Fluoride reduction cartridge from Doulton significantly reduces unwanted fluoride from your drinking water.

        • Designed to reduce fluoride to safe levels in your drinking water using a specially enhanced alumina-based adsorbent, which is certified to NSF STANDARD 61.
        • The media in the Doulton cartridge is capable of adsorbing up to 3750 ppm of Fluoride, providing protection for up to 3 months. The performance will vary depending upon the nature of the incoming water supply. For optimum performance use a service flow rate of 2L/min.
        • Cartridge constructed with WRAS and NSF-approved materials.
        • Ideal for use with a range of Doulton ceramic filter cartridges in the Duo housing which provide additional protection against pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chlorine, taste, odor, and heavy metals.
        • Simple to install, use and maintain. No power required. Low running costs.

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