Test. Taste. Trust.

Doulton® ceramic filters provide outstanding filtration of waterborne contaminants whilst ensuring that essential minerals are retained for healthy water with a superior taste.

Are you drinking empty water?

While removing contaminants, the wrong filter system could also remove all of the good, naturally occurring minerals from your drinking water, leaving you with empty, tasteless water.

A Doulton® water filter only removes the bad contaminants, including disinfectants, heavy metals, bacteria and plastic, while retaining the essential minerals that are beneficial to your health - and make water taste great.

Doulton® ceramic filters add nothing to the water during filtration. This ensures that essential minerals are retained for healthy water and a superior taste.

A Doulton® water filter reduces unpleasant-tasting contaminants such as chlorine, so you can always enjoy delicious water.

Is your filter jug struggling to cope?

Having a filter jug hanging around doesn’t mean you can rely on it. Jugs can lose more than 50% of their filtration efficiency within just two weeks - no match for the disinfectants, heavy metals, bacteria and plastic you thought were being removed.

A Doulton® water filter is proven to consistently remove these contaminants on a long-term basis so you can be sure you are always drinking the best quality water, free from impurities.


Trust A Doulton® water filter gives you peace of mind that your family is drinking healthy water by targeting unwanted impurities. Filtering up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, cysts and particles, a Doulton® water filter lets all of the family enjoy clean, tasty drinking water.

Is there more to your family’s tap water than meets the eye?

Just because you can’t see contaminants in water, doesn’t mean they’re not there. The tap water we give our families to drink may contain disinfectants, heavy metals, bacteria and plastic.

With a Doulton® water filter, all of the family can enjoy great tasting, clean water that is free from impurities and full of healthy minerals. The Doulton® product range is trusted by millions of households and families around the globe.