Setup Guide:



*Installation steps- DCP/ DCP2/ DCS*
Remove the plastic bag from filter before you use it.

1. Unscrew the tap cover

2. Please ensure the "rubber washer" is seated inside the diverter valve

3. Install the diverter to the tap & tighten it firmly with hand or plyer

4. Once the diverter is installed, make sure the diverter is fit and not moving around

5. Toggle ON/OFF the diverted valve a few times as the diverter valve is NEW & very tight.

6. Gently lock the filter by fingers until the filter is firmly secure and stop.

7. Please do not over tighten the filter candle to avoid broken ceramic filter

8. Put back the casing cover, tighten it up to 80-90% and leaving it some gap

9. Upside down and turn on the filtered water supply

10. At this time, the water starting leaking from the gap until the outlet filtered water come out

11. Turn off the water supply and completely tighten the casing to 100%

12. Well done! You did it! Enjoy the fresh, clean and water healthy drinking water.


User Manual:

1. DCP

2. DCS / DBS

3. Royal Doulton Elite Installation

4. HIS Installation

5. Ecofast Installation

6. Shower Head Installation

7. Taste Bottle Installation