Make the Doulton Difference

Doulton® Water Filters filter microplastics and fine particles that are invisible to the naked eye, leaving you with clean, healthy, plastic-free drinking water. 

Does your drinking water contain plastic?

Microplastics are formed from the breakdown of plastic waste and debris that break down into small particles and pollute the environment. The plastic particles are invisible to the naked eye are and can be found in tap and bottled water. With little known about the effects of consuming microplastics on the body, or tolerance levels, there is concern about what effect this could have.

Did you know people worldwide could be consuming 5 grams of microplastic particles EVERY WEEK? The average person could be ingesting 1,769 particles of plastic every week from drinking water alone.

Doulton water filters remove microplastics from tap water down to 0.5 microns in size, leaving you with clean, healthy, plastic free drinking water. As well as removing plastic particles from tap water, Doulton home water filters and portable TASTE bottle provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing single-use plastic bottled water.