The Doulton Difference

A Pioneering Heritage

A Doulton® water filter stands for quality, innovation and reliability. Customers can benefit from the experience of a world-famous manufacturer that has a proven performance record stretching back almost two centuries, but is constantly striving to bring new standards and innovations to water filtration.

Mineral Retention

While filtering contaminants, Doulton® filters retain all of the healthy minerals naturally found in tap water so you can trust that you and your family are still getting the very best health benefits from your drinking water.

Think Green

Doulton® ceramic filters are made from 100% naturally occurring raw materials, allowing them to be easily disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Using a water filter reduces the need to buy single-use plastic bottles of water, which often end up in landfill or the world’s oceans adding to the huge problem of plastic pollution.

Highly Effective Barrier

Doulton® water filters effectively protect against a wide range of contaminants as well as filtering out bacteria, cysts and particles, improving the taste and odour of tap water. This enables you and your family to be confident your drinking water is healthy, clean and bursting with taste – and free from impurities.

Healthy Water, Healthy Life

On average the human body is made up of 60% water. It is vital to stay hydrated and replenish your body’s water levels throughout the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The better your drinking water tastes, the more you will drink and enjoy. 

Quality Control

To ensure high performance in all manufacturing processes, Doulton® water filters are backed by in-house quality control procedures. To ensure consistent quality and high global customer service standards, annual independent quality control audits and regular 3rd party laboratory testing are carried out.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

The anti-bacterial properties within silver are used in Doulton® water filters to inhibit microbiological growth and prevent any removed bacteria from regenerating on the ceramic element.

Recognised Performance

Doulton® Water Filters are accredited by BS EN ISO 9001 international quality standards and our filters also hold the coveted NSF® and WRAS certification.

Every ceramic filter candle carries a unique authenticity code and every filter housing has a warranty to ensure product legitimacy.