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Counter-Top System - Enjoy clean, healthy water on demand

Counter-Top System - Enjoy clean, healthy water on demand

  • Doulton® counter-top systems are designed to fit most common threaded mixer taps via a diverter valve
  • The diverter valve sends water through the ceramic filter, allowing filtered water to be dispensed from the spout on the filter unit
  • Inspired by nature, Doulton® ceramic counter-top water filters are made from a tiny pore structure of less than 1 micron in size, providing an effective barrier against even the tiniest of particles
  • Doulton® counter-top water filtration systems effectively remove >99.99% of contaminants, such as bacteria, cysts and particles
  • Whilst removing contaminants, Doulton® counter-top water filters retain all of the healthy minerals so the whole family can enjoy clean water that’s full of natural goodness
  • At the heart of Doulton® ceramic filter candle is the BioTect® technology to inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic.


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