About Doulton - History

About Doulton - History

About Doulton

Doulton® is proud to have been a pioneer in providing families with access to clean drinking water since 1826. Using 100% natural materials, our ceramic water filters improve the look, odour and taste of tap water by filtering out 99.99% plus of contaminantsfiltering out bacteria, cysts and particles while keeping in all of the healthy minerals.

Located in North Staffordshire, the heart of the UK’s traditional pottery industry, Doulton® manufactures and distributes ceramic filtration solutions to 140 countries across the globe.

Our commitment to excellence in water filtration is built on years of innovation and maintaining the highest international standards to ensure the best quality products every time. Doulton® has received multiple industry certifications and actively promotes an eco-friendly ethos by making products that are derived from naturally-occurring raw materials.

The Doulton Story

Our water filters harness the power of ceramics - one of the oldest and most effective methods of water filtration.

It was in 1826, that Henry Doulton invented the concept of the contemporary ceramic candle water filter. He discovered that filtering water through porous ceramic would prevent people from falling ill due to cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Doulton® continues to build on his life work, having achieved numerous awards and international accreditations for sustained commitment to innovation, ensuring that the water you and your family drink is clean, tasty and free from harmful contaminants.