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Single filter & dual filters


How do i know when my ceramic filter element needs cleaning?

How do i clean a ceramic filter candle?

Why is my ceramic filter element discoloured?

I do not have flow meter to gauge the amount of water that my filter has treated? How can i estimate how much water has pass through the filter?

Why you have so many different models? How to choose which model to cater my need?

My ceramic filter seems to block up too regularly; is it working correctly?

For optimum performance, when should a ceramic candle can be replaced?

Do i need to sterilise the candle after cleaning?

How do i keep my filter housing clean?

Whats happens if i leave the filter un-used of a period of time?

How effective is my Doulton filter element against chloramine?

What's the difference between temporary & permanent hardness in water?

How effective is my doulton filter element against the hardness?

Will hardness affect the performance of an Ultracarb/BTU filter element?

How effective is my Doulton against all types of bacteria?

Why does the pH of my drinking water increase (*alkaline water) when i use my ceramic filter?

Do all ceramic filter candles available in the market achieve the same contaminate removal rate?

Is my ceramic filter element ecologically friendly?

Do you provide onsite installation & support?

Warranty T & C

Why is my ceramic filter element discoloured?