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       Package content:

      • 1 X Doulton TASTE FILTERED BOTTLE.


       Product Facts:

      • hardwearing, durable reusable filter bottle
      • carry handle for use on the go
      • 500ml capacity
      • cost 15 cents per liter compared to RM 2.00+ liter for bottled water
      • 3 month or 300-liter capacity ( compared to typical filter bottle capacity of 2
      • months or 150 liters)
      • Bottled water quality, wherever you fill-up
      • Stylist blue color
      • PET and BPA FREE

      Discover the Doulton® Difference on the go with the Doulton® TASTE bottle. The portable solution to healthy, clean water, free from contaminants and packed full of minerals, wherever you go.

      Improve the taste and odour of your drinking water, no matter where you fill up. Enjoy great taste without the waste – refill again and again and reduce single-use plastic waste that often ends up in landfill and our oceans, damaging our planet.

      The Doulton® TASTE bottle has true filtration capability, filtering out particulates including dirt, microplastics* and other contaminants, protecting against harmful bacteria. Removal of >95% of Chlorine and >90% heavy metals such as lead, reduction of organic contaminants.**

      Superior filter performance compared to other, popular filter bottles on the market that do not make particle filtration claims.

      *filtration of particles down to 1 micron in size
      **tested in-house

      Product Information and Installation

      Discover product performance, installation instructions, and compatible filter candles by clicking the links below:

      Product Attributes

      Part Number



      300L/600 fills


      Only for use with a Doulton TASTE Portable Filter Bottle